«Grounding Wire»

..."Getting lost in dark noisy room engineering Abstract Machine bordering insanity"

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This is a grounding wire. The concept of our world being a simulation, I recorded during one of my psychotic episodes. The instruments used were mainly electronic guitar, piano, and tuba. I recorded many ambient pieces at different times, isolating myself in certain spaces, thoughts, which were transferred into the music.
On Steam Pipe, I stand on a huge platform in the darkness and look down into the abyss. On Wiring, I crawl through the wires somewhere under the table. On Letters and Digits, I fall into a state of derealization, and the code on my computer screen swims, loses shape, and becomes absurd. The story is autobiographic, check out laurelang
Death is always haunting me; it seems to peek under the table and offer something. The reigning system is about a logical system used as artificial intelligence which is to act as a reigning system. It's all repellent, like any technocratic ideas, but as an executor, I carry out the orders and can see everything from any angle.
Somewhere, I feel my brain dissolve in acid, and I find true happiness in primitiveness.