«Glassy Cat»

..."Awakening in the world made of glass"

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The album itself, I once described as "Awakening in the world made of glass." This awakening is not real; it's a dream within a dream, one big dream that seems endless.
You're 15, it's winter, and it's very cold. You're going insane, and when you leave, it's dark. When you return, it's dark again. There's an unpleasant glow from the snow and streetlights, and nobody understands you. Everything seems so strange that you're hopelessly lost in it, so strange that you lose the ability to speak.
"Sharp String" is my dream, where I stand in Smolny Park, and a string is stretched between the sky and the earth, sharp as a razor. I quickly pluck this sharp string, and my fingers become covered in blood.